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Our Vision

IAG as the leading policy center on governance and human security in the southern Philippines and fragile environments with a recognized impact on sustainable peace and development

Our Mission

IAG will engage peoples, leaders and institutions in capacity building, dialogue and knowledge production towards evidence-based public policies and practices

Our Core Principles

Institutional capacity of indigenous peoples, women and other stakeholders in asserting their rights and performing their duties; and to promote democracy, rule of law, human rights and pluralism as the foundation of sustainable peace and development  

Autonomous powers and institutions in realizing the right to self-determination, subsidiarity and shared futures 

Glocal (global and local) perspectives and alliances on fragility, governance, human security and in the pursuit of political and developmental solutions


The Institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG) is a southern Philippines-based think tank at the forefront of capacity building, research, forums, training and technical assistance for advancing public policy for peace, security and good governance in the region. Our work for the past two decades has contributed in defining needed measures toward human security and meaningful self-governance in the Bangsamoro region.


IAG has engaged with regional and national executive authorities and policymakers, Moro revolutionary fronts, local government units, security sector and key leaders and thinkers toward building consensus on political, economic, and security issues.


As a homegrown public policy center with strong national and international linkages, IAG is able to help raise the bar of regional and local public policymaking to international standards even as we maintain sensitivity to the complexities and peculiarities of local settings, earning the trust and respect of a broad range of stakeholders.


We have regularly provided capacity-building programs to the Regional Legislative Assembly  during the time of the ARMM, the Bangsamoro Transition Authority of the present BARMM, and constituent Local Government Units (LGUs).


IAG is committed to the development of public policies that promote and protect the rights and welfare of vulnerable groups. We championed and provided technical assistance in crafting local and regional policies, including the Bangsamoro Organic Law provisions on Indigenous Peoples, women, youth and children.


The pioneering researches we conducted on youth vulnerability, traditional madaris and the baseline studies on violent extremism in the Philippines are driving P/CVE policies and programs in the country.


Our facilitation of inter-religious and political dialogue is well recognized and we lead in promoting inclusivity and social cohesion in the Mindanao peace process. IAG convenes the annual Kusog Mindanaw conference that brings together Mindanao sectoral leaders in dialogue on issues of peace, security, governance and development.


IAG provided technical assistance in the establishment of the Iranun Development Council (IDC), an economic and development aggrupation of five local government units in Maguindanao. We currently implement the same principle of interlocal cooperation, this time with five municipalities on the western seaboard of Basilan province that make up the Western Basilan Alliance.


IAG helped raised capacities of local government units, military and police in peacebuilding and security sector reforms. From a series of training-workshops we conducted for the uniformed men and women of the Armed Forces, we produced a security sector reform training manual, a vital resource from which Filipino soldiers can glean a broader understanding of their duties as peacekeepers.


IAG maintains a network of more than 100 civil society organizations in Mindanao that we assist in capacity building in peacebuilding, governance and politics.


We have published numerous policy papers and journals on political, economic, and security issues that define the needed measures to be undertaken for meaningful self-governance in the southern Philippines.


IAG is an institutional partner of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in the Philippines.