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IAG to Launch Preventing Violent Extremism Project with 4 Partners

Jan 17, 2020

IAG will commence in the first quarter of 2020 a project designed to empower vulnerable youth and communities against violent extremism in the southern Philippines.


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FULL TEXT OF HOUSE BILL NO. 5687: An Act Establishing the Autonomous Region of the Cordillera

Dec 16, 2019

The purpose of this law is to establish an effective political entity, provide for its basic structure of government in recognition of the justness and cause of the Cordillerans and to secure their identity, posterity, and allow for meaningful governance.


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WATCH: Governance expert lauds Duterte's appointment of Nur Misuari to OIC

Dec 16, 2019

IAG Senior Policy Adviser Fr. Eliseo Mercado Jr. lauds President Duterte's appointment of MNLF founding chair Nur Misuari as the PH's special economic envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.


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Comelec vows greater inclusivity for voters as Bangsamoro 2022 elections loom

Nov 27, 2019

As the crucial 2022 elections in the Bangsamoro government near, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) said Monday that it will be revisiting its existing rules and regulations to prevent the exclusion of vulnerable electorates in Mindanao | Manila Bulletin


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5 Basilan town mayors forge alliance in pursuit of peace, development

Nov 20, 2019

In hopes to strengthen local autonomy in Mindanao, an inter-local alliance among five remote coastal towns in the western part of Basilan province was launched on Monday in pursuit of peace and development | Manila Bulletin


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Basilan LGU alliance poised to engage constituents with new radio station

Oct 21, 2019

A new local radio station aimed at promoting peace and development has signed on the air from its studio located at the new Municipal Government Center in Barangay Taberlongan, Maluso, Basilan Province.


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Bangsamoro pledges support to CAR’s bid for autonomy

Oct 18, 2019

Support to Cordillera’s quest for regional autonomy continues to flood with the new backing from officials of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.


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DELACSE Bangsamoro Call for Proposals: Financial Support through Small Grants

Oct 09, 2019

DELACSE Bangsamoro invites CSO partners in the BARMM to apply for Financial Support through Small Grants. 


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Policy Report: Intergovernmental Relations with the Bangsamoro

iag.org.ph I Jan 08, 2020

The intergovernmental bodies are the features of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) which clearly demonstrate that the Bangsamoro government has an elevated status over other local governments in terms of its relationship with the central government. Read more


Political and Electoral Reform in the Bangsamoro: The Bangsamoro Electoral Code

iag.org.ph I Jan 08, 2020

With the Philippine political system still very much influencing the political tides and currents in the BARMM, can the BARMM with the chance for creating their own singular political and electoral system under a parliamentary or ministerial set-up be the catalyst for change in the country instead? Read more


Intergovernmental Relations in the Philippines

Michael Henry Ll. Yusingco I Oct 21, 2019

We have to change the way we think when it comes to governance, or at least the relationship of the different levels of government that we have. We have to focus on cooperation and collaboration. Read more


Oversight and Intergovernmental Relations in the Bangsamoro

Ishak V. Mastura I Sep 02, 2019

Given that it is a new feature in the BOL, it remains to be seen whether or not the IGR Body in the BOL, which is usually a feature in Federal Constitutions, will provide a suitable mechanism to balance the call for an active role of the President to supervise the BARMM as provided in the “take care clause”, with... Read more


Is it still possible to revise the Constitution for federalism?

Antonio Arellano I Aug 02, 2019

We in the Concom share the hope that there is still time to revise the 1987 Constitution. Much more, we believe that indeed, federalism is the answer to the myriad of problems besetting our country and our people. Read more


Charter Change the right way

Michael Henry Ll. Yusingco I Jul 19, 2019

The Constitution prescribes the modes of revision but leaves it to the drafting body to devise the mechanics of the writing process itself. In this regard, it must be emphasized that railroading the process will only result to a new constitution having no legitimacy at all. Hence, Filipinos cannot simply leave constitutional reform in the hands of politicians. Read more


Federalism: The Mindanao Agenda from a Moro Viewpoint

Robert Maulana Alonto I Jul 18, 2019

With the present implementation of the BOL, opening the constitution for amendments will be a strategic opportunity for the Bangsamoro to strengthen what they have gained in the peace negotiations and ensure that justice, genuine peace and development can be achieved in Mindanao.  Read more


#KusogMindanaw 2019: Federalism as a Mindanao Agenda

DILG Usec. Jonathan Malaya I Jul 11, 2019

You are all stakeholders in keeping Mindanao peaceful, progressive, and resilient. It is a shared responsibility across the public and private sectors. Read more


#KusogMindanaw 2019: Daring to Dream for Peace and Posterity in Southern Philippines

Fr. Eliseo Mercado Jr. I Jul 11, 2019

Is convergence of the dreams of multiple communities in southern Philippines possible? Is it an illusion to work together as partners to realize all our dreams, not one at the expense of another? Read more


Building a strong Bangsamoro foundation

Mussolini Sinsuat Lidasan I Jul 01, 2019

Because the BTA is just starting out, all eyes are on us. This also means that there will be more questions and issues that arise that would not be amplified otherwise. For example, there have been questions regarding the speed in which the BTA can deliver its mandate to the people. Read more




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